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Why should you join the Entegra Coach Owners Association (ECOA)?

Maybe the best reason is that we love to find great resort “destinations” and party hearty with friends!

Our Entegra Coach is our fifth rig, second Entegra. I generally think of it as a vehicle that we can live in (quite nicely, to be sure). But, my wife thinks of it as a house that rolls. Our opposing perspectives, are probably illustrative of how some of our responsibilities are divided up in the coach, and I think that applies to many motor homing couples. The learning curve has been steep to be sure, as we figured out our equipment (both the strengths and the shortcomings), how to go about seeing America, how to plan our trips and build a budget that will allow us to maximize our budget and our FUN!

Needless to say, we fell in love with our Entegra coaches, just as you have, and reflecting on how we see our worlds a bit differently as a husband and wife, we surmised that other new owners would have to face that a similar learning curve. They might want to pick someone else’s brains as they faced that mountain. We thought it might be great if we could just find each other and get together, and share all the great stuff we’ve learned. Perhaps that would both shorten the learning curve, and at the same time, provide a deeper network of support for others beyond the Customer Support that Entegra Coach provides. That’s why we decided to start an Owner’s Club. After discussion with other owners, we applied for membership in the Family Motor Coach Association as the Entegra Coach Owners Association, and were Chartered on Aug. 30, 2013.

We host Rallies, where a bunch of coaches gather together in a great location for a few days. We’ll share some meals together, sometimes catered, sometimes not. We’ll have some Happy Hours time. We’ll meet people and make some friends. We’ll have time to share and exchange ideas. Sometimes we’ll do something together as a group, and sometimes just set aside time for individual sightseeing. We don’t always plan all the rally events. Sometimes we just go visit another rally as a group, such as The Rally in Phoenix, the Lazy Days Entegra Event, the Tampa Bay Supershow, Quartzite AZ or the FMCA International Family Reunion. We have even been to the various rallies hosted by NIRVC, Lazy Days, and Entegra Manufacturing. Our get togethers are light, and fun and sometimes informative and educational too. We’ve dry camped with no services, semi-dry camped with limited electrical services, and been together with full hook-ups. We’ve learned from each other by being in those situations together. Entegra Coach has also learned from us. They frequently sent representatives to our rallies, listen to our complaints, and actively ask us for suggestions about improving their products. We’ve also been fortunate to have dealers interested in building relationships with the attendees, and have provided tech support, display coaches, and offered driving tips.

After almost four years, we’ve grown to over 1000 member coaches spread all across the North American continent. We’ve hosted numerous club rallies and gatherings in all parts of the country. We’ve had some wonderful opportunities for fellowship, as we’ve brought people together for days at a time. We’ve learned from each other how to use our equipment. We’ve shared our goofs, stumbles and pitfalls, and helped others to avoid them. We’ve modified our rigs and shared with others how we’ve maximized our living and minimized our effort.

Like all volunteer organizations, we have had some growing pains. We’ve engaged an online database and club management service to expedite communications and simplify much of the work of managing a growing membership. Entegra Coach liked what we were doing, and committed to sponsor the first year’s membership for all new coaches purchased since 2016. And so we grow. 

Why an Entegra Coach Owners Association? Joining, you have an opportunity to meet like-minded people and learn about your coach; but most of all, have a good time! If this appeals to you, come join us. And if you have a great "favorite destination," let's have a party!

Entegra Coach Owners Association, 5753 Highway 85 N., Suite 2133, Crestview, Florida 32536   813-310-5707 

"ECOA" is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization

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