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Spring 2023

Greetings ECOA Members,

Spring is just around the corner, and I’m sure you are beginning to think about your itineraries and your coach to begin Rollin’ Along! I thought it might be appropriate to share a few reminders.

Don’t forget that Entegra has a bunch of “how to” videos posted on their website. These videos cover all manner of maintenance items that need to be done at least annually, if not more often. To access these videos, go to>Experience Entegra Coach>Videos. As an alternative you can also access those videos from the Entegra App...Available in your App Store.

If you are looking for networking opportunities about Entegra Coaches, there are lots of possibilities. There is a healthy online forum group in iRV2 ( Look for the Owners Forums and choose Entegra. Some very inciteful topics are there and you can ask questions. For more in-depth information, sign up for one of the Entegra Academy classes or the Spartan Chassis Owners training. There are a couple of Entegra-centered Facebook pages you can interact on (unaffiliated with ECOA or Entegra Coach). Even though ECOA doesn’t sponsor any social media, there are several Entegra-centric Facebook pages that have some associated content,

By far and away, however, the best networking opportunities come at the ECOA Rallies. Surrounded by other Entegra Coach owners, if you need answers, just ask anyone. You’ll never find a more affable and gregarious group of people who love tho talk about their coaches and their experiences. You will glean more insight into the operation and uses of your coach than while sitting around a campfire with some other owners. We all know the learning curve is steep, and all are willing to pay-it-forward!

Hopefully you are already aware of your periodic maintenance items such as sanitizing your water system, annual aqua hot service, annual oil change and lube along with greasing your drivetrain U-joints every 5000 miles. But there’s also things like changing water filters, Checking the mix of your aqua hot boiler flue it with a refractometer, and checking the ratio of engine coolant with a hygrometer. If you don’t use your generator frequently, it’s easy to forget about it, and it’s just as easy to forget there are service items in your transmission that you need to be aware of. Cleaning your filters in your cold air returns at least monthly, along with servicing your rooftop heat pumps keeps your creature comforts in tip top shape. Of course I can’t get off the hook without suggesting you actually review your owners manual, everyone’s favorite reading material.

Do pay attention to your if your life depends on it. If you can’t do it yourself, see if you can get your tires inspected. The tread on your tires will outlast their age unless you’re putting 25-30,000 miles per year in your rig. Look for checking and cracking on your sidewalls. Check for wear along the edges. Lightly push your hand across the tread toward the center of the coach. Then pull it back towards you. If it’s smooth in both directions, you’re good to go. But if you feel the edges of treads in one direction and smooth in the other direction, you probably have an alignment problem and may want to have an alignment professional look at your rig for tire rotation and alignment. Rotating your tires is a good idea...probably every two years. Swap the inside dualies. Swap your front tires. Follow a normal X swap for your 4 rear outside tires. While you’re looking at your wheels, get all wheel positions weighed, and using an Inflation Table for your brand of tires, adjust the tire pressures for optimum performance. Pay the same attention to your tow vehicle (toad). Examine your tow bar, inspecting bolt tension and all welds for cracks. Just don’t get your Tire monitors mixed up!

As a final thought before you hit the road, give some consideration to sorting through your basement stuff. If you haven’t touched something in the last year or two, you might want to consider whether you actually need to carry it. Do the same with your inside inventory. We do tend to accumulate a lot of “stuff.” Maybe set a goal that you won’t bring something in unless you take something out!

So fill up with fresh water and get ready to Roll!

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