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Quartzsite Rally 18

  • January 19, 2018
  • January 28, 2018
  • Quartzsite, AZ




 will be held again on Bureau of Land Management land south

 of Quartzsite, AZ during the 2018 Quartzsite Sports, Vacation,

 and RV Show. The earliest day of arrival for the Gathering is

 January 19th and the Gathering will last throughout the show

 until it ends January 28th. Of course, Entegra coaches are

 welcome to arrive anytime after the 19th and depart at their


Although we promised (and delivered) catered meals last yea

r in addition to the traditional bonfire fee, we found that

 although successful, this is a very difficult proposition to pull

 off in the middle of the Arizona desert, so we will have only an

 unknown number of Pot Luck meals this year. This leaves

 only the $20.00 fee for firewood which will be payable to the

 Wagonmaster on arrival. There is also a fee of $40.00, good 

for 14 days, that is payable to the Bureau of Land Management as

 you enter our Gathering site, payable in cash or check only to the


Very Important: Please send an email to Gary

 Jones (Wagonmaster)  to let us know you

 intend to gather with the group. Just click on

 the link below to email Gary.

Click Here to email Gary

If you are not familiar with the ENTEGRA@QUARTZSITE

 GATHERING, the gathering is a 5-8 day dry camping

 experience on Bureau of Land Management desert a few miles

 south of Quartzsite. This is dry camping, although for the BLM

 fee that you will pay upon entering, you have access to fresh

 running water to fill fresh water tanks, and a sewage dump

 facility for the obvious purpose, and 10-14 dumpsters for

 general refuse. Last year we had right around 60 coaches

 register to attend and with medical cancellations and other

 issues, we ended up with right at 50 coaches parked in a circle

 in the middle of the desert. It was quite a sight!! Lots of

 information about the Quartzsite RV show can be found with a

 simple Google search. Frankly, the show used to be much

 larger, and as an RV show, it is not the best. However, it is a

 great excuse for the more “bohemian” luxury Entegra coach

 owners to gather in a setting where talking, asking questions of

 other owners, others showing you where something is on your

 coach or how to optimally set parameters for your inverters, or

 how other things are simply done by other owners.. this is

 an owner camaraderie event. Little more and little less. If

 you want, you will leave Quartzsite with lots of new owner

 friends and lots of information about your coach.

Unlike most rallies, note that this is called a Gathering. It does

 not follow typical rally format. Also note that we will have no

 reserved area of the desert that is ours, so we may be in a

 different location than we have been for the past 2 years which

leads to a lot of uncertainty until we really know where we will

 be.. therefore, communication between the Wagonmaster

 and Gatherers is very important. This is the third time we have

done this and I will begin to send out a series of white papers

largely to those who have never attended and may need to make

 some plans or think through how to boondock for a week in the

 desert. You will get more information than you need in all

 likelihood. However, what is important is to know that you

 intend to attend.

Last year we had 50 coaches actually attend, We can

 accommodate about 60 coaches if we manage to capture the

 same “turf” we have had previously. We might be able to get to

 65-70 with putting some coaches a little further away from the

 main gathering, but we definitely cannot accommodate 100

 coaches, so if you seriously intend to attend, PLEASE tell me

 that by sending me an email. At some point, I may start a

waiting list as people will drop out and spaces will open up if

 we begin to fill beyond capacity.

This is a unique experience. You will have great fun and great

 friends when you leave.  

Also, we are dry camping, so arrive with a full tank of fresh

 water and empty holding tanks.

Two years ago, the weather in January in SouthWestern Arizona

 was perfect.. neutral to slightly cool days and clearly cool

 nights. Last year, the weather was relatively terrible. Cold

 and very windy days, and cool to cold nights (the AquaHots

 got lots of work last January). I am hoping for the weather of 2

 years ago, but you never know. The weather should NOT be

 terrible (freezing, steaming hot), so base-rate prediction should

 be for nice, dry, cool weather.

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