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  • March 16, 2016 6:16 AM | Anonymous member

    Griots Garage on Maintaining and Protecting our Entegra Paint Finish

    From Pat Bauer,


    Thank you for your email in which you are asking for advice on how to maintain and protect the finishes on your Motor Homes.  You said that you see the benefit  in both the Boss and 3’ Random Orbital. The following is my recommendation to simplify the care for you clear coated paint jobs on your motor coaches. Just so you know, I am a proud owner of a Pleasure Way Class B motor coach that I take a great deal of pride in and therefore what I recommend for your rigs is what I use on my motor coach. So the following is a step by step series of steps and procedures that I recommend to start with, particularly if the motor coach has been neglected for a period of time.


    First wash you rig with our Paint Prep, item # 11135, Dawn Dish Detergent or Simple Green to remove any old wax, sealant or road oils. You want to see the water sheet off instead of beading up. I recommend that you use our Wash Mop Stick Kit, item # 78306 with extendable pole so as not to scratch your rig.


    The next step is to apply our Speed Shine, item # 11146 and Paint Cleaning Clay, item # 11153 to remove particulates that if not removed can cause new swirl marks and light scratches.


    Next step is to apply  polish if needed for scratches or swirl marks or oxidation. This can be accomplished with our Complete Compound, item # 10862 with the Use of our  “Random Orbital, item # 10813 and our 3” Random Orbital, item # 10739.


    When you are satisfied with any surface correction you made, I recommend the application of you Liquid Gloss Poly Wax, item # 10916 as this will provide the longest protection of up to 14 months and offers the highest shine for that wet look. This is a man made polymer like a sealant that works very well on RVs, boats and trailers that typically most owners don’t want to do any more often than they need to.


    You mentioned the Boss Orbital. The Boss Orbital was designed and is recommended for those who have extensive experience with the use of orbital’s and for professional detailers who need to conduct more serious paint corrections. Also the traditional Random Orbital is much better suited for wax application and the Liquid Gloss Poly Wax and sealants than the Boss. The Boss also requires a completely different set of polish pads than the regular Random Orbital. That’s not to say that you can never use the Boss system for what I recommend for you , but it is much more than I think you will need.


    Assuming you use the regular Random Orbital, item # 10813 you will need the following foam pads. For Polishing with the Complete Compound, you want to use our Orange Foam Correcting Pad, item # 10633. I recommend at least three as these because they will get laden with product, will get mushy and will wear out if you don’t replace them occasionally. When replacing them you simply rinse them in like warm water and let them air dry.


    For applying the Liquid Gloss Poly wax, I recommend that you use the Red Foam Wax Pad, item # 10620, and again replace then periodically so that you have a fresh pad. When buffing off polish I recommend our Polish Removal Cloths, item #11115, and for buffing off the Liquid Gloss poly wax I recommend our Wax Removal Cloths, item # 11116.


    I have the following recommendations for your wheels and tires. I recommend our Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner item # 11026 for cleaning and our Rubber Cleaner, item # 11137 and our Rubber Prep, item # 11071 for deeper cleaning before applying new Tire Dressing. I use and recommend our Long lasting Tire dressing, item # 11044 because after I apply it I wipe it down with paper towels to achieve a satin finish instead of a glossy finish. For wheel protection you can also apply the Liquid Gloss Poly Wax to help defray brake dust on your wheel.


    We also offer glass polishes to remove water spots, item # 11074AND Glass Polishing Pads, item 10614 for the 6” orbital and # 10665 for the 3’ orbital.


    Whew, I know this is a lot of information and once you get your motor home in shape, you don’t necessarily have to apply each and every step. After that you want to use the proper soap foe washing and the proper drying technique to prevent water spots, and if you do get some water spots we have products to help that as well. I hope this helps.


    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reply to this email, or call our Customer Service Department at (800) 345-5789 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday.


    Thank you again for your email Pat, and remember to call me personally if you have any further questions!


    Best regards,





    Have fun in your garage!


    Alan McWain 
    Customer Service Representative 
    Griot's Garage 
    (253) 922-2400 Ext. 114 

    Wm. Patrick Bauer, President

    Entegra Coach Owners Association


    1609 Dower Way

    Sun City Center, FL 33573



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  • March 03, 2016 9:59 PM | Anonymous member

    To register for this event copy the following link into your browser:


    RVOne Superstores - Authorized Entegra Coach Representative   WWW.RVONE.COM

  • January 17, 2016 9:57 PM | Anonymous member

    Spartan Connected Care APP

    Spartan announces a new phone app. Signing up for the Spartan connected App is easy:

    1. Go to your devices app store

    2. Search for Spartan Connected Care

    3. Download and enjoy:

    The APP provides the following functions:
    • Quick links to service and support

    • Pre-trip inspection checklists

    • Maintenance schedules

    • Service center Locators

    • Diagnostic code reference

    • Access to Spartan parts, accessories, merchandise, rally schedules, owner trainings and much more

  • December 29, 2015 1:39 PM | Anonymous member

  • August 01, 2015 10:22 AM | Anonymous member

    ECOA Newsletter

    August 1, 2015

    The first half of the year has been extremely busy for

    members of ECOA. It began in January with 24 members

    attending the Tampa Supershow. The happy hours were

    fantastic with the final one being attended by the Entegra

    leadership and the president of Summit Stainless.

    Our gatherings moved into February with 35 coaches

    attending the Entegra event at Lazy Days in Tampa. This

    is the first of its kind event was a combination of support

    from Lazy Days and Entegra. Owners were treated to two

    dinners at the Crown Club as well as dinners at Lazy

    Days RV Resort. Seminars were held and a modification

    open house was well attended by those who were there.

    Thanks to Mario LaCute our new treasurer for organizing

    this event.

    The month of March saw a caravan to the Good Sam/

    Camping World Rally in Phoenix. This event was hosted

    by Dianne and Stew Stewart. The attendees were treated

    to great music and a variety of seminars.

    And all-time record number of coaches (60) attended the

    Buckhorn Lake Resort Rally in Kerrville, TX this past

    May. Our annual meeting was held with new officers for

    the next two years elected. The new officers are as

    follows. Again, great food (can anyone say a 3” thick

    Porkchop), and fabulous places to visit were part of the

    program. Tadd Jenkins and Pat Carroll were in attendance

    for the Entegra sponsored true Texas barbecue. They even

    hung around for a question and answer period. National

    Indoor RV Centers provided display coaches, a detailing

    crew and tech-support for those present. We continue to

    thank Brett Davis for his support of our organization.

    Club member Doug French (C&D Coach Weighing) also

    provided discounted 4-corner coach weighing to help our

    members. The modification open house was held once

    again, and is fast becoming a staple of our rallies.

    Officers Elected:

    Patrick Bauer, President

    Mario LaCute, Treasurer

    Medarda Bauer, Secretary

    Doug French, National Director

    Thomas Crowley, Vice President Southeast

    Stephen Hall, Vice President Northeast

    Linda Hanson, Vice President Midwest

    Raymond Wenig, Vice President West

    The ribbon-cutting ceremony in Middlebury saw several

    hundred Entegra owners celebrate the new Entegra

    factory and attend the rollout of the 2016 models. While

    the food and friendship were outstanding the real stars

    were the brand new Entegra coaches. Hopefully everyone

    has had the opportunity to either see them in person or

    online. The new end caps usher in a new era of design for

    our favorite coach. The rest of us will now be “Classic”

    Entegra Coaches going forward.

    As we write this, 20 plus coaches attended the Egg

    Harbor Rally in Door County, Wisconsin. Rally Masters

    Tom and Lynn Crawley prepared a wonderful agenda

    which included a visit to an Entegra owners restaurant as

    well as a beautiful sunset cruise and fabulous meals.

    From Egg Harbor, Doug French coordinated an Entegra

    Owners Caravan for the FMCA International Family

    Reunion Rally held in Madison. 13+ coaches were

    present and I'm sure the seminars and entertainment were

    well enjoyed.

    ECOA will conclude the 2015 rally schedule in Hilton

    Head, South Carolina. 35 coaches are signed up for this

    October event. If you have not signed up and would like

    to attend, send an email to Pat Bauer at

    president@entegraowners.com before August 9th.

    2016 Future Events

    January 12-17 Tampa Supershow

    March 17-22 FMCA International Rally in Perry Georgia

    April 15-19 INTO Rally in Tallahassee Florida

    We are still researching locations and dates for our spring

    ’16 club rally, but no decisions have been finalized at this


    If you would like to attend any of these events please

    check our website beginning in September at


    Finally, we are in desperate need of a member with

    webpage design and management experience, who

    could lend a hand to handle the actual updating of our

    webpage. We’re not expecting to make lots of changes,

    just updating the pages we currently have. If you have

    something to offer, please send a quick note to


  • August 30, 2014 12:28 PM | Anonymous member


    I hope you all got the notice I sent out about the Fan Blade Replacement Kits. I’ve gotten a few questions back, so here’s a few quick thoughts:

    1. It only applies to the Coleman Mach Low-Profile heat pumps from Airxcel, a division of RV Products. You’ll need to consult your Owners Manuals, or actually get on the roof to see if you have these units. I know Entegra used some Dometic A/C’s early on. This does not apply to the Dometic units.
    2. The new fans have 3 blades and move more air through the unit. The old fans have 6 blades.
    3. Airxcel has only just started shipping units with the new blades, so this pretty much applies to everyone who has the Airxcel units.
    4. Entegra considers this an upgrade and will not reimburse you for the cost of the new blades or their installation.

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